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Welcome to the Maryland Podiatriac Medical Association (MPMA) Statewide Podiatrist Referral Service. The Referral Service is open to all licensed podiatrists who are members of MPMA practicing in the State of Maryland.

Finding a Podiatrist

MPMA suggests that you contact at least three podiatrists by phone before you choose the one with whom you wish to make an appointment. MPMA does not warrant the accuracy, completeness, or timeliness of the information contained in the MPMA Referral Service nor in any way does MPMA endorse any particular podiatrist listed in the Referral Service Directory. You should verify any information and make a determination as to whether a particular podiatrist is appropriate for you.

You may want to discuss how much experience the podiatrist has had with patients with problems or concerns similar to the one(s) you have, the cost of services, how frequently you would be seen, the predicted length of treatment and any questions you have about training or experience.

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